Available keys



G - C - F F - Bb - Eb - Ab
G# - C# - F# F# - B - E - A
A - D - G G - C - F - Bb
B - Eb - Ab G# - C# - F# - B
B - E - A A - D - G - C
C - F - Bb Bb - Eb - Ab - Db
C# - F# - B B - E - A - D
  C - F - Bb - Eb

Here you can select your customized manual layout:



Here you will find examples of the different beats:

Please note that these sample images are only meant to be directional and indicative.

Since the quality of the sound reproduction depends on the speakers, there is a possibility that the timbre on the recordings may differ from the original. The recordings were all made in the A-D-G-C tuning. It should be noted that the timbre changes slightly with other tunings.

You can listen to and test all the different beats live and in real.




A-D-G-C Standard
A-D-G-C Discreet
A-D-G-C Little
A-D-G-C Dry



Sound sample d'Feine:
Please note that this beat is only possible with our model Strasser d'Feine.




A-D-G-C d’Feine