Strasser Harmonikas

Harmonikas mit Tradition seit 1926

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A breath of nothing, noticeably different: Strasser makes use of the latest technologies to offer a generation of ultra-lightweight accordions.

Light-weight carbon-fiber design. Available in various designs and specifications (for custom features please inquire).

Rows and reed ranks: 4/3

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Rows and reed ranks

4-row, 3 reed ranks

46 treble buttons, 15 bass buttons, (7 basses, 1 additional bass, 7 chords).
Transition bass (X-bass) also in first row (optional extra). Lightweight design.
Size: 38 x 20 cm

Design and Colors

Colors on demand


Patented SKL treble mechanism, elaborately engraved fittings, extra-wide velvet-padded straps, shoulder connection, hand strap adjuster, bellows pad, transition bass for the first row, hand-made reeds (Dural Tipo a Mano), plush case. (For custom features please inquire).


Like supersports cars, jumbo jets and other high-tech equipment, Strasser’s Carbon model takes advantage of the benefits of carbon fiber. Our innovative ultra light technology ensures top ranking in the race for superior handling and divine sound: Without sacrificing stability, carbon fiber results in a significant weight reduction.