Strasser Harmonikas

Harmonikas mit Tradition seit 1926

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De luxe SE


Kissed by the muse, seduced to shine: The De luxe SE – pure luxury, high-quality execution, refined with unique, eye-catching design features.

Available in red, blue and green
Rows and reed ranks: 4/3

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Rows and reed ranks

4-row, 3 reed ranks

46 treble buttons, 15 bass buttons, (7 basses, 1 additional bass, 7 chords).
Transition bass (X-bass) also in first row (optional extra). Lightweight design.
Size: 38.5 x 20 cm

Design and Colors

Available in blue, green, red. (For custom features and colors please inquire.)


Patented SKL-treble mechanism, padded straps, shoulder connection, handstrap adjustor, bellows protection, transition bass (X-bass) also in first row, plush case. (For custom features please inquire.)

Refined and innovative

Modern look, traditional construction: Under this motto the De luxe SE effortlessly conjures up a vibrant, full sound. With its superior technology it outdoes itself visually with even more distinctive new design elements, such as the square bells and exclusive stainless steel grill.