Strasser Harmonikas

Harmonikas mit Tradition seit 1926

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The Strasser patent

After years of development and testing, we launched a completely new treble keyboard mechanism. The patented SKL treble mechanism with cone mounts has been installed in every single Strasser accordion since January 1999.

The new mechanism, which is by now tried and tested in thousands of Strasser accordions, has many benefits compared to conventional aluminium mechanisms:

  • Zero wear thanks to the self-retensioning cone mounts
  • Softer sound than conventional aluminium mechanisms
  • A higher contact pressure of the pallet (valve) on light button pressure, resulting in a higher compression density of the instrument
  • Ready for MIDI connection
  • No externally visible fixing screws on manual cover
  • More elegant look through reduced height of valve block
  • Substantially reduced natural resonance of buttons on firm playing through fiber-reinforced plastic
  • Faster tone response

The aluminium mechanism was one of the few parts that Strasser bought in from third-party suppliers. The patented SKL mechanism is produced entirely in-house, facilitating much more effective quality control and making the Strasser accordion is even more unique than it already was. With our own keyboard mechanism we have taken a further step into the future and hope that you will be as pleased with the result as we are.